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Bracket Mount Template Tool

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Westbury Bracket Mount Template allows for easy attachment of bracket mounts (included with railing,) to posts. 4 pk or 6 pk bracket mounts,  easily attaches to level railing with Bracket Mount Template by Westbury. Bracket Mounting Template can be used with two rail or three rail profiles; 36 in. level railing and 42 in. level railing. Bracket Mounting Template is placed on to 2 in., Crossover, or 4 in. post kits Westbury bracket mounts are attached to posts through the Bracket Template. One side of Westbury’s Bracket Mount Template is used for 4 in. posts, and one side for 2 in. posts.  The bracket mounting template has an adjustable wheel for rail height adjustment. Mounting spaces or holes in bracket mount template are labeled Bottom Rail, Mid-Rail, 36 in. Top Rail, and 42 in. Top Rail. Standard 36 in. C10 Tuscany Rail will only use the Bottom Rail slot, and the 36 in. Top Rail slot. If installing a large amount of Westbury level railing, it would be very helpful to have this tool for level railing installation. Bracket Mount Kit is light weight, easy to hold in place, and can be used with an length of level Westbury aluminum handrail. Bracket Mounting Template cannot be used with Stair Rail Kits. Please see Installation Guide, and Westbury Template Brochure for more information. Westbury DSI Rail Bracket Template saves time and prevents frustration. Bracket Template used with Wall Mount Kit only. See pictures of bracket template and call for questions. Template helps install Westbury rail mounts to Westbury post kits in 2” and 4” sizes only. For questions or to learn about more call and speak with one of our decking professionals today. Westbury by Digger Specialties and DSI are high quality railing and deck accessory systems and have excellent warranties.

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