Cypress Azek PVC Decking profile from Vintage Collection
Dark Hickory Azek PVC Decking profile from Vintage Collection
English walnut top view of decking deck boards has rich brown coloration from dark to mid brown
Mahogany Top view profile decking looks like real wood pvc vintage by azek
Vintage PVC Decking Collection | Azek
Coastline pvc gray capped no-wood azek decking top profile view
dark hickory azek vintage side profile deck baord
Cypress azek deck board side profile view
Coastline azek pvc vintage decking side profile showing significand varigation of hues in coloration
Weathered teak, a new vintage collection profile has rich light color teak profile with mid-tan streaking
Mahogany view of decking from side angle azek pvc vintage
Side profile view of english walnut deck board non-grooved decking
Azek Cypress Decking looks like natural cedar but does not fade or stain and does not need to be kept up, just clean when dirty
Azek Dark Hickory PVC Deck with wide and narrow boards
English walnut deck looks line natural hardwood decking by azek in vintage collection
Azek Weathered teak desert deck vintage series collection

Vintage PVC Decking Collection | Azek

Vintage Decking by Azek is the best adaptation of hardwood aesthetics with a fine, wire-brushed finish in rich life-like color profiles. Vintage is widely regarded as the premium PVC collection, and the price suggests the same. Vintage decking profiles are available in standard 5.5” width decking but are also available in a wide-width, 7.25” wide deck board, and narrow-width, 3.5” wide deck board. Narrow and Wide boards are available in 16ft. And 20ft. Only. Standard 1x6 (1”x5.5”) decking from Azek Vintage in grooved: 12ft. 16ft. And 20ft. Solid (non-grooved) in 16ft. And 20ft. Azek Vintage has a 50-year warranty, a Class-A fire rating, and an ultra-realistic hardwood feel. Vintage profile colors are: Cypress, Mahogany, English Walnut, Dark Hickory, Weathered Teak, and Coastline.

Decking Height and Width: (5.5″ x 1")

Decking Lengths: (12' 16' and 20' Grooved) (16' and 20' Solid)

Narrow Width Decking (3.5"x1") Lengths (16' and 20' Solid)

Wide Width Decking (7.25"x1") Lenghts (16' and 20' Solid)

Fascia Size: (0.50″ x 11.75″ x 12')


50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty | Fire Rated | Cooler than Composite | Made with Recycled Materials

Decking is available for purchase and can be delivered to customers in the Kansas City area and surrounding areas. Decking can also be schedule for pick up.