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Westbury 94" Handrail 1-3/8" Round Aluminum

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Westbury 94" handrails for the CHR system are incredibly strong and durable. Made with a heavy 1/8" aluminum wall, and powdercoated, CHR Handrail is designed to last, function, and look great! Handrail attaches to vertical surfaces with the help of wall mounts, wall returns, and wall end mounts. Handrail can be spliced at wall mount locations with internal connectors.
CHR only with posts attached to conrete with p loop at the bottom
Continuous handrail by westbury along a windey walkway
Black CHR between two posts and up a set of stairs
Bronze Continuous handrail helps people step up stairs, and is easy to install!!
Bronze Westbury CHR attached to posts with the help of wall returns
CHR For steps where full height railing is not needed

Parts - CHR

Brochure - CHR

Installation - CHR

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