Feeney: DesignRail Kits (Cable Railing)

Feeney Design Rail Kits aluminum railing top and bottom rails, posts and black intermediate pickets on the edge of a Deckorators composite deck, beautiulf perimiter railing contouring with 45 degree angles DRK DesignRail Kits Level and Stair

The DesignRail Kits by Feeney is a New cable railing system created to make ordering and installation fast and easy. This modular aluminum system comes in black with Series 150 Level Rail Kits and Series-150 Stair Rail Kits, Level Post Kits, Stair Post Kits using the CableRail stainless steel infill.

DesignRail Post Kits have several predrilled options depending on the configuration of your project.  Level and Stair Rail Kits then attach between the posts and allow for CableRail.  Use the diagram, worksheet, and information below to plan out your cable rail. This product ships in approximately 1 week. Call us for questions, additional information or a free estimate!  #913-884-3335

DesignRail Kits products ship in about a week.

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Feeney DesignRail Kits post placment, what to order for each cable rail application

DesignRail Kits Brochure Read all about this amazing Collection of cable Railing! Feeney DesignRail planner, worksheet to sketch out how to order posts and rail kits

DesignRail Kit Brochure (Left) - DesignRail Kit Worksheet (Right)

DesignRail Kit Install

DesignRail Cut Kit Install Level

DesignRail Cut Kit Install Stair


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