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DesignRail Kits | Horizontal Cable Railing

    Cable railing like this horizontal cable strung through feeney designrail kit posts with cablerail kits by feeney are perfect for diy cable handrail and are in stock for sale

    DesignRail Kits by Feeney

    Horizontal cable railing system DesignRail Kits composed of Aluminum Railing Kits and DesignRail Post Kits is used with 1/8 inch cablerail infill.

    Feeney's stainless steel DesignRail Kits is a modular cable railing, and makes ordering and installation easier.

    Horizontal Cable Railing is one of the most sought after cable railing types. Feeney has several options in cable including the sleek and good priced cable railing designrail kits

    DesignRail Kits is the simplified version of Feeney's DesignRail, using 150 top rail and is currently available in black (matte black) and textured black.

    DesignRail Kits for horizontal cable is a modern and preferred railing for beautiful back yard views.

    DesignRail Kits uses a top and bottom rail spaced by a predrilled picket and includes connection bracket hardware. Rail kits attach to posts predrilled to accept for cablerail kits with shorter threaded terminals designed for metal posts.

    Posts must be installed atop the deck or concrete surface. Brackets included with Kits are then installed to posts, and rails installed to brackets.

    Cable kits can then be fastened to quick connect posts and threaded terminal posts, running though intermediate posts to complete the cable railing installation process.

    Feeney recommends pickets be used when posts exceeded 3 ft. or more from each other. This system, DesignRail Kits can be ordered for 3 in. height railing, or 42 in. height railing.

    36 in. railing will require 9 cables per run, whereas 42 in. rail will require 11 cables.

    DesignRail Kits is a great option for DIY Cable Railing and Professional Builders interested in a great easy-to-use cable deck railing system.

    DesignRail Kits 1/8 in. cable rail products are stocking and ship within a week. Call for questions or help ordering. See the "worksheet" above to help with ordering of DesignRail Kits by Feeney Inc.