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Prime, Prime+, and Premier Composite Decking | TimberTech

Prime Composite Decking Collection by TimberTech is a monochromatic soft grain with a similar feel to the grain of cedar wood. Prime Decking is scalloped on the bottom to reduce overall cost. Prime+ is the same product style but has color variation resulting in a more natural-looking product. Prime is available in Dark Teak and Maritime Gray. Prime+ can be purchased in Dark Cocoa, Sea Salt Gray, and Coconut Husk. Premier has the same grain pattern but is non-scalloped, and available in Dark Teak and Maritime Gray.

Decking Height and Width: (5.36″ x 0.94″)

Decking Lengths: (12' 16' and 20' Grooved) (16' and 20' Solid)

Fascia Size: (0.58″ x 11.95″ x 12')

Riser Size: (0.58″ x 7.25″ x 12')

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