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Vertical Cable Railing or Verticable is a railing system producted and manufactured by digger specialites. Westbury C80 is an affordable, easy-to-install railing system

C80 or Verticable is a vertical cable railing system which utilizes standard posts and has a simple yet sophisticated paneled or panelized rail. With an installation more similar to aluminum railing, this system makes for a nice view while being easy-to-maintain and affordable.

Westbury Verticable c80 in white gloss

Westbury C80 Verticable is one of the best cable railing options available for a few reasons.

  • Verticable is less expensive than horizontal cable. How much you ask? C80 by Westbury can cost half as much as Feeney DesignRail, and only 50% more than Aluminum Railing!
  • C80 Verticable is also much Easier to install than horizontal cablerail. This is because the rail sections are pre-strung with wire, making installation as easy as - Setting the posts, Cutting the rail, Setting brackets, and Installing the rail.
Verticable Westbury C80 Product Guide 
  • Westbury C80 Verticable is available several sizes and color profile options.
  • Stocking colors are Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, and Gloss White. Level sections of rail are available in 5', 6', and 8' lengths, post available in 2"x2" and 4"x4"
  • Please click on the Brochure to learn more about this system of cable rail.
C80 Vertical Cable or Verticable from growned beautiful vertical system of cablerail cablerailing cable rail cable railing
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