Feeney: Build Your Own (Cable Infill)

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Build Your Own Cable System! This collection is comprised of Fittings, Cable, Pickets, Tools, Accessories, and Helpful Parts to help install and assemble your cable railing. Fittings connect to the face of the post or surface, or connect to the back side of the post, requiring a hole to be drilled through the post. "Inline Fittings" can be used in the middle of long runs for additional tensioning. Please read Guides, and Installation Documents before ordering.

Inside Face Post SignInline Post Graphic

Feeney uses "Quick-Connect" fittings that allow 1/8" or 3/16" cable to be inserted, but only retracted with the Quick Release Tool. fittings are attached to a connector. Once the fitting is connected to a post or surface, the cable is inserted, and another fitting is attached at the end of the cable run, the cable is then inserted into the second fitting, and tensioned. Quick Connect fittings typically come in pairs. At least one of the two fittings must be a  "tensioning" type fitting. Both fittings can be the tensioning type, See picture below.

Feeny Fixed end and Tension Adjustment, how to chose fastners for from feeney

Feeny has several connection options available, but the most popular for Residential 1/8" Cable are:

"Lag" connectors - Quick Connect Lag 9905, and Quick Connect Lag Tensioner 9910. "Pivot" connectors - Quick Connect Pivot 9915 and Pivot Tensioner 9916. Surface Mount connectors - Quick Connect Surface Mount 9903 and Tensioner 9913.

Level Connections Feeney Quick Connect FittingsStair Connectors Cable Railing Build Your own Stair Lag9905 LagSwivelTurbuckle9910On the Left, we have "inside of post to inside of post" connectors and their pairs, for level Cable infill. On the Right, we see those inside post connections for stair application. (Add: Wire, Tools, and any Protectors Sleeves for your cable infill!)


Download Feeney's Brochure to Learn All About Fittings, Connectors, and Cable Railing Options.

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