Feeney: Build Your Own (Cable Infill)

    Build Your Own: Feeney Cable System

    This collection is comprised of Fittings, Cable, Pickets, Tools, Accessories, and Helpful Parts to help install and assemble your cable railing to existing or new posts. Fittings connect to the face of the post, or back side of the post, requiring a hole to be drilled through the post. Please read Guides, and Installation Documents before ordering.

    Feeney Horizontal Cable
    Feeney 1/8" Reel 1x19 SS Cable
    Feeney 1/8" Reel 1x19 SS Cable
    100 feet of 1/8" sized cable 1x19 100&
    250 feet 316 grade stainless steel wire cable works with quick connect fittings 250&
    Feeney 500&

    Feeney 1/8" Reel 1x19 SS Cable

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    Reels of 1x19 woven stainless steel cable are available in 100 foot 250 foot and 500 feet lengths. Use 1/8" Cable with 1/8" Quick-Connect Fittings. Cable by Feeney can be "turned" up to two 90 degree angles, or a combination of angles resulting in 180 Degree change of angle or less.


    Feeney uses "Quick-Connect" fittings that allow 1/8" or 3/16" cable to be inserted, but only retracted with the Quick Release Tool.

    Quick Connect fittings typically come in pairs. At least one of the two fittings must be a  "tensioning" type fitting.

    After fittings are installed, cable can be laced though the posts (with help of needle) and attached to Quick Connect fittings. A release tool can be used to undo cable lock in the QC Jaws. Caps and washers may be needed if fittings terminate to the back side of posts. See cable tools below.