TimberTech Decking and Railing are some of the most trusted and reputable deck and rail products with a wide range of colors, textures, and profiles

TimberTech & Azek Decking and Railing

  • TimberTech offers a large range of composite deck profiles, composte railing, and aluminum handrail.
  • Azek PVC deck profiles, railing, deck fastening, lighting and more.

TimberTech Azek Decking

TimberTech is primarily a decking manufacturer, Their decking encapsulation and vast array of profiles and colors, rank them as one of the best composite decking producers in America. 

Similarly, Azek has select wood-grain patterns and unique profile colors. Azeks rich usage of grain profile patterns give an amazingly realistic feel, and being a encapsulated PVC, Azek decking is warrantied to last longer than TimberTech Composite.

Azek Decking is fastened with color-match stainless steel face-screws, Cortex Screws and Plugs, and ConceaLoc Hidden fasteners for grooved decking.

TimberTech Composite decking can be fastened with composite deck screws, ConceaLoc Hidden Fasteners, and Cortex screws and plugs in certain collections.

Impression Rail Express by is a versatile aluminum deck railing kit system, with paneled rails and three options on top rail profile. Posts are available in base mount or fascia mount. Color choices are Textured: Black, White, and Dark Bronze.

Classic Composite Railing is a great option for composite deck railing, and utilizes rail packs, with baluster packs, and sleeves with options of top rail profile: Premier or RadianceRail.

RadianceRail Express is yet another deck railing composite option with a more limited offering than classic and less robust features, but is still a high quality encapsulated composited railing.

Capped Composite Decking has disitinct surfaces and textures with beautiul natural colors

Azek Rebranding

TimberTech & Azek were recently rebranded under TimberTech, an Azek Company. TimberTech has long been an industry leading composite decking brand and leading producer of composite railing. Azek has been a proven PVC decking company with some of the best decking boards available in the market. Today, TimberTech incorporates a wide range of materials and profiles for decks and railings alike.

Curved Front Railing, Composite Curved Rail in RadianceRail Composite Railing with TimberTech Terrain Decking a capped composite brown decking, also has lighted light rings or glow rings in the post cap, lighted by led

Back Story

CPG International was founded in 1983 and branded its PVC decking - Azek in 2001.TimberTech was founded in 1997. The two companies were competitors until the parent company of Azek purchased TimberTech in 2012. The two were kept separate until 2015, when TimberTech and Azek were rebranded, under CPG Building Products. In 2019 Azek and TimberTech were rebranded TimberTech. Today, Azek incorporates all PVC decking, and is a "collection" so to speak, under TimberTech.

Azek Vintage Decking hidden fastened with cortex screws and plugs and original inpression rail with lighted deck dots. Impression rail is no longer an available railing option.

TimberTech Deck Fastening

Deck fastening has always worked to keep up with advancements and changes in the industry. Traditionally TimberTech decking has been installed with TopLoc Face Screws, color matched to the composite or pvc decking, and is still a preferred method for some applications. Azek PVC was one of the first to utilize Cortex screws and plugs. Cortex truly revolutionized the way we understand hidden fastening with the ability to fill the top of a screw hole with matching decking plugs. Perhaps the next greatest advancement was the creation of CONCEALoc Hidden Fastening Clips. Now days, TimberTech Composite Decking as well as Azek PVC Decking has grooved boards that utilize CONCEALoc fastening clips. Square edge TimberTech Decking Boards are available in 16 foot and 20 foot lenghts. are used for stairs and perimeter decking boards, and are fastened with face screws or a screw and plug system.

Composite Premier Rail a TimberTech Railing System with Cable infill, and Lighted Island Post Caps in Black colored railing, post sleeves, post caps, and post flairs