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American Vertical Cable 36 Inch Rail Kit by Key-Link

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American Vertical Cable System by Key-Link employs the American-style flat top rail with cable strung vertically in a kit format. American Vertical can be paired with 2.5"x2.5" posts Key-Link Posts are not included and must be purchased separately. 

Key-Link 2-1/2"x2-1/2" Posts

American Vertical Cable Rail Kits Rail Kits are packaged in a short, narrow but long box, and are un-assembled. Cables are pre-cut and connected to the top and bottom rails, and are packaged along with vertical support pickets, rail brackets, and a bottom insert. When assembling the vertical cable kits, the top and bottom rails are pulled apart, to allow the pickets to be connected between the rails. 

American Vertical Kits can be purchased in three textured profile colors: Black, Bronze, and White. Lengths of American Vertical Rail Kits available are 6-foot level, 8-foot level, 6-foot stair, and 8-foot stair. 

Vertical uprights or pickets are installed by removing a cable strand and replacing it with the vertical picket support and are rated to use pickets as far apart as 24-inches. 

American Vertical Rails must be cut to length, and installed between posts or vertical surfaces. 

American Vertical Kits are connected with the correct length of cable, including hardware for attachment to a post or vertical structure, along with stainless steel cables pre-connected to the American rail frame, and vertical stainless steel baluster/spindle reinforcements. 

Key-Link Vertical cable has some clear advantages over other brands. Most other systems use aluminum vertical pickets, while American Vertical uses stainless steel pickets. Other brands might have a picket every foot, but American Vertical support pickets, which are included in the kits, can span up to 2-feet! American Vertical by Key-Link is also less expensive than other brands giving it an advantage. Easy to assemble box kits help us get products to you quickly and are less likely to be damaged.

Included in Kits: Top Rail and Bottom Rail with Cable Pre-Strung, Stainless Steel Support Pickets, Rail Bracket Connectors, and Bottom Rail Insert.

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