Feeney: CableRail Kits (Cable Infill)

    Feeney CableRail Kits are one of the most popular cable infill options. Cable-Rail Kits are also the most affordable type of infill cable wire, by Feeney. CabelRail Kits are available for purchase in 5 foot to 50 foot lengths in 5 foot increments.

    CableRail Kits are available in 1/8 inch, 3/16 inch, and 1/4 inch sized cable wire kits. CableRail Kits contain cable, pre-crimped to Threaded Terminals and  Quick Connect Insets, along with washers.

    Metal CableRail Kits are intended for posts up to 4"x4". CableRail Kits for Wood posts up to 6"x6" and both terminate to the back side of either terminating post.

    Conceal Cable Kits are a new version of cable infill and include fittings which are inset in the post, leaving the cleanest look on connecting terminal posts.

    Each CableRail Kit includes all parts to complete and tension one run of cable.