Railfx cablefx horizontal cable deck railing handrail flat top aluminum cable railing

CableFX | Horizontal Cable Railing

RailFX top rail options rfx100 rounded between the post top rail, rfx250 squared top profile between posts rail, rfx200 flat top 2x4 over the post profile, rfx300 oval rounded over the post top rail, rfx400 drink rail with additional top rail profile.
CabelFX post types include surface mount top mount or base mount, Fascia mount attaches to flat side or fascia, Fascia bracket mount for overhanged decking and core mount for concrete installation of posts

CableFX by RailFX is a Classic Horizontal Cable system with Stainless Steel Exterior Rated Cable, Aluminum Posts, and Aluminum Top Rail in a multitude of profile and color choices.  RailFX Cable Infill with Aluminum Rail Passes Residential Code throughout the US and is American Made.

CableFX Post Spacing for the Horizontal Cable Railing System has a Max distance of 60 inches or 5 feet. Posts are Pre-Drilled and powder coated. Dilled holes measure 3-3/16" on center.

CableFX Cable Railing System Top rail for residential applications. has a top rail set at 36" and has no bottom rail. Rail FX Cable Posts are designed to work with Pro 224 Series Cable Kits. 10 cables and top rail are required to complete the system when set at 36".

Rail FX Cable Specialty brand logo rail manufacture of aluminum and cable rail components
CableFX by RailFX Horizontal Black Rail has 200 series top rail, no bottom rail, fascia bracket posts and horizontal cable rail standard over the post railing