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Horizontal Cable Railing is one of the most sought after cable railing types. Feeney has several options in cable including the sleek and good priced cable railing designrail kits

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From patented quick connect cable fittings, to pre-swaged cable kits, cable railing kits, and custom ordered aluminum railing, Feeney is at the top of the game when it comes to quality cable.

Feeney CableRail Kit 1/8" for Metal PostsFeeney CableRail Kit for Wood PostsFeeney Intermediate PicketFeeney 1/8" Cable Release Tool #3128Feeney Cable Lacing Needle

Feeney: CableRail Kits

Cable Infill

Cable swaged to metal rods and locking "Quick-Connects" installed through Wood or Metal posts, and install from outside to outside of posts.

Wood CableRail Kits Metal CableRail Kits
Feeney 1/8" Quick-Connect Lag #9905Feeney 1/8" Quick-Connect Lag Tensioner #9910Feeney 1/8" Reel 1x19 SS CableFeeney 1/8" Cable CutterFeeney 1/8" Piviot 9915 Quick-Connect Fixed Fitting

Feeney: Build Your own

Cable Infill

Lag type fittings that install the the face of posts for inside of post to inside of post connection. Fittings use "Quick-Connect" technology, one side must be a "tension" fitting.

Bulk Cable "Quick-Connect" Fittings
Feeney Cable Rail Kits installed through wood 6x6 or 6 inch by 6 inch cedar posts with cedar top rail, cable rail kits are a great way to have beautiful horizontal stainless steel cable

Feeney Inc has been an industry leader in cable railing for years. Their specialized approach in manufacturing fittings and swaging cable has led to top-quality horizontal cable railings that look as good as they preform. Feeney's innovative infill solutions of cable railing products span amost all types of cable connection. Feeney has Horizontal Cable Rail Kits sold in specific lengths made to be positioned 3 inches away from each other and can be installed into wood or metal posts. Conceal Cable Kits are a new product similar to original cable kits, but set to the inside of posts and show the minimal amount of fitting possible. Feeney has a line of Build Your Own fittings and wire for special connections either to the face of posts or other applications such concrete, wood, aluminum, and steel.

DesignRail aluminum and stainless steel horizontal cable with series 200 on curved bluff with posts core drilled into stone Deck & Rail Supply has been selling designrail like this for years! This railing was installed in 2014 in Overland Park, Kansas

DesignRail is possibly the most comprehensive railing systems available. The Rails and Posts are made from aluminum and are tailored to the project specifications.

DesignRail Collection

Feeney does their part by making sure orders are sent with all item needed for DesignRail projects. We start by sending a drawing to Feeney with project selections such as type of post, rail profile, and color. Feeney then comes back with the needed parts and pieces to make it work!

Cable railing like this horizontal cable strung through feeney designrail kit posts with cablerail kits by feeney are perfect for diy cable handrail and are in stock for sale

DesignRail Kits

is the condensed version of DesignRail. The reduction in options gives this system a lower cost, and is currently the best priced aluminum horizontal cable system. Available in black with face-mount posts and series 150 rail, Design Rail Kits is an easy and cost effective cable system, especially compared to the custom cable systems.

DesignRail Kits

Feeney Stainless Steel Cable Wire, Stainless Steel Fittings, and Accessories are in the top tier of reputable manufactured cable products. Feeney is continuously striving to created better methods and profiles to showcase cable railing. See our post about Cable Railing Systems for more on cable, and see our Railing Page for more general railing information.