Impression Rail Express

Front steps to house lined with aluminum black impression rail express, stair rail contours the stair slope then transitons to level after top post, Impression rail express is a vertical aluminum baluster system

Impression Rail Express by Azek TimberTech is a pre-punched, panelized, kit-type rail collection, designed to be an optimally priced aluminum-type railing. Impression Rail Express’s profile and construction is a thinner gauge of metal than other competitors, however, the design allows for substantial loads that stand up to the elements. Impression Rail Express is unique in that it allows for highly customized looks of railing with combinations in infill and top rail profile, as well as post size and color.

Impression Rail Express Collection is comprised of many components that, when combined, create a one-of-a-kind handrail. The most cost-effective solution for infill type is the pre-punched panels, however, other more unique options of infill are available. Follow the options below to begin your ordering process with Azek Impression Rail Express.

Options available by TimberTech / Azek may not be listed, however may be available in select ordering quantities. Products listed are considered stocking, however may have lead times of 1-2 weeks. Please contact us to check availability.

Impressions Rail Express by TimberTech Azek atop an pvc deck complete with lighting and pvc fascia. White aluminum impression express rail in level with transition to star railing looks stunning!

Lets Get Started!

Impression Rail Express has three major components, Posts that anchor the railing to the surface or structure, Top Rail Profile which is the finishing look of the railing, and Rail Infill which is the main structure of the railing and attaches to the posts.

First: decide which top rail profile will be best suited for your railing. Top rails are available in three select styles and three colors.

Modern profile top rail attaches to universal kits the photo depicted is of the modern impression express top rail in dark bronze


Modern Top Rail has a bold, squared, substantial profile wide enough to set a drink on top of.

Classic Profile Top Rail Impression Express is a highly asthetic curved top rail that looks great at a lower price than standard impession rail


Classic Top Rail closely resembles the original Impression Rail, and is a wonderfully pleasing profile

Universal top rail or bottom rail standard is a price point cheaper priced top rail for impression express and is the profile included in rail infill kits


Universal Rails are minimalistic in profile and have a more condensed look, and are less expensive than the other two options. Use this profile to match bottom rail of Rail Kits.

Second: choose your infill type. The aluminum baluster rail infill in Impression Express is much different than other collections. With Impression Rail Express the balusters are punched into a frame that is . Impression top rail is not included and must be purchased separately. Rail infill in the form of a rail kit without top rail comes with the balusters connected to the frame, along with a bottom cover and hardware.

Aluminum baluster infill is the most economical option with aluminum rail and usually looks perfect!

Square Baluster Infill

Square vertical aluminum baluster infill is usually the best priced infill.

Third: pick your post option. Impression Rail Express uses 3 inch x 3inch Post Kits with available Base Mount and Fascia Mount options!

White Texture Level Standard Post Kit by Impression Express aluminum for level flat handrail railing

36 inch Base Mount

3-in x 3-in x 36-in Base Mount Posts are used for level residential rail, and at the top of stair railing.

Black Texture Tall Residential Stair Post on concrete at the bottom of the stairs in aluminum by impression express

42 inch Base Mount

Use this taller 3-in x 3-in x 42-in post at the bottom of stairs, and at the top of stairs if the post must be mounted too far from the rise of the top step.

Black Texture Impression Rail Express Fascia Mount Post attaches to the outside rim or part of a deck or patio

Fascia Mount Posts

3 inch Fascia Mount Posts are an excellent way to utilize space by allowing the railing to set outside of the deck or patio!

Putting it together
Top Rail, Infill, & Posts!

In this photo we can see the top rail (classic), the infill, (aluminum baluster, with universal bottom rail), and the posts (two - 3 inch x 3 inch Posts) which anchor the railing!

Classic Impression Express Rail nessled between stone columbs in white texture, top rail is classic profile, the infill is baluster, and the posts are standard level

See Impression Rail Express Install Here!

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