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Feeney DesignRail Custom railing systems usually incorporate horizontal stainless steel cable railing, and are specified railing by project

DesignRail Post Options

Post mounting options customized to fit your space and needs.

Base Mount Post

Post with base to attach to the surface of decking, concrete, or stone.

Fascia Mount Post

Fascia posts attach to the fascia, joists, or rim of the deck or patio.

Fascia Bracket Post

Bracketed fascia posts are handy when the decking is overhung past the rim.

Stanchion Mount Posts

These posts can be very useful for concrete application

DesignRail Top Rail Profiles

Choose from the following options of top rail. Rail is sent in up to 20' lengths for the least amount of seams possible. Series 100 and 150 attach to the sides of posts, the other series's attach to the top of the posts.

Series 200

Over-the-post rectangular profile top rail

Series 450

Aluminum channel for additional drink rail top cap.

Series 350

Elliptical top rail profile

Series 300

Round top rail profile

Series 150

Same profile as DesignRail Kits rounded graspable top rail attached between posts.

Series 100

Square profile graspable between post not over top rail

150 Stair

Series 150 is optimal for stair railing

Horizontal INfill

Horizontal INfill

Horizontal cable is the most popular type of infill for DesignRail. The bottom rail is optional, and can be included or replaced with a cable.

Railing Infill Options

DesignRail has a huge option of infills from traditional, to modern.

Horizontal Cable

Vertical Cable


Alminum Baluster

Stainless Steel Mesh

Lazer Cut Aluminum


Feeney CableRailing DesignRail Kits black aluminum cable handrail with bottom rail and no intermediate pickets
Black Horizontal Cable Railing Feeney DesignRail series 200 top rail black aluminum fascia mounted posts
Feeney DesignRail Cable Railing corner on composite pvc deck holding in the snow
PVC Decking like Azek is top quality and looks like real wood!
Deck & Rail Supply
DesignRail aluminum and stainless steel horizontal cable with series 200 on curved bluff with posts core drilled into stone Deck & Rail Supply has been selling designrail like this for years! This railing was installed in 2014 in Overland Park, Kansas

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