Wall mount kit, basic level rail bracket for standard 90 degree termination to aluminum posts wood post or stucco post
Wall Mounts on either side of 2 in. Post Kit at 180 degrees from eachother. Wall Mount is connecting C80 VertiCable Rail Kit to 2 inch post kit in Black Fine Texture
Stair Mount Bracket Kit top side top rail with bracket cover attaching to a 37" x 4" x 4" Post kit with lighted cap in Black Fine Texture
Angle Swivel Mount Kit on one side and Wall Mount and the adjacent side to the left. Angle Swivel Mounts allow rail to plane into post when perpendicular angles cannot be met.
A Corner Post with two Wall mount brackets on adjacent sides in Bronze Fine texture with a Lighted Cap 4" post kit
Level railing Wall Mount to 2 in. Post with VertiCable Railing
Stair Mount Kit bottom Rail at the top of the stairs in Black Fine Texture with VeriCable C80 Infill
End Post 4 in. with Wall Mounts on single side connecting tuscany rail c10 to a 4 in. post
Black Fine Texture Wall Mount attached to post and level rail kit by westbury
Top of Stair Top of Rail Stair Mount Fixed stair mount ranges from 30-36 degrees in stair angle
Level Angle Swivel Mount Kit for 45 degree bracket to rail connection
Fixed Stair Mount on left and Wall Mount Level on Right, Top of stair post can be used for level railing and stair railing. this post is only 37" tall
Wall Mount Rail Bracket Kits by  Westbury in 4/pk and 6/pk
Double Swivel Stair Mount is a combination of x axis and y axis swivel rotation. Use for Stair swivel at an angle by westbury
Stair Swivel Mount Kit for outside of 30-36 degree angle application. Call for more info
Stair Mount Kit fixed piched 30 degree to 36 degree angle coverage and is included with stair rail kits

Rail Mount Bracket Kit

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Rail Mount Kit Hardware Packs are additional Westbury Rail Bracket Connectors that install or attach to aluminum 2 in. x 2in. Post Kit, or 4 in. x 4in. Post Kits, with the help of Westbury’s Bracket Mount Template. Westbury Rail Kits like 36 in. Tuscany do include Mounting Kits, (Wall Mount Kit for Level Rail,) and (Stair Mount Kit for Stair Rail.) However, if using one rail kit for multiple rail sections, additional Rail Mount Kits will be needed. Use additional 4 pk Rail Mount Kit for C10 & C80, and 6 pk Rail Mount Kit for C30. Rail Mount Kit includes top and bottom connector(s) with self-tapping screws and bracket covers. Wall Mount Kit is used for Level rail application. Stair Mount Kit for stair rail between 30 degrees and 36 degrees. If stair railing is below or above this degree range, Special Stair Section Rail Kits may be used; if the angle is between 1 degree and 10 degrees such as in Ramp Rail, 36” Tuscany Rail Level Kits can be used with Stair Swivel Mounts. To see if your stair rails fall in the standard range, see this Stair Rail Chart by Westbury. Angle Swivel Mounts are needed at a non 90 degree or 180 degree turns, such as a 45 degree turn. Angle Swivel Stair mounts allow for a level angle swivel and stair swivel movements giving a compound angle in the vector needed.

Available options for Rail Mount Kit are: 4 pk Wall Mount, 4 pk Stair Mount, 4 pk Stair Swivel Mount, 4 pk Angle Swivel Mount |  2 pk Double-Swivel Stair Mount | 6 pk Wall Mount, 6 pk Stair Mount, 6 pk Stair Swivel Mount, & 6 pk Angle Swivel Mount. Rail Mount Kits are available with a short lead time in Black Fine Texture, Bronze Fine Texture, and Gloss White. When using Drink Rail Adapter with Mounting Kits, bracket covers will not be needed. For help estimating quantities of rail, or what type of mounting kits are needed, please call or email us.

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Tuscany C10 Stair rail between 2"x2" posts and level rail on the landing tuscany c10 stair kits come with fixed pitched stair mount brackets
Aluminum Handrail on a front porch concrete steps  in broze that matches the house. Aluminum railing and other deck handrail or deck railing information can be found on the railing page
C80 Verticable Level cable rail vertical by westbury in fine texture black by westbury set infront of a pool with lush green all around c80 vertical cable complements and looks wonderful as well as alows for non-obstructed view beyond railing
beautiful outdoor deck area with blue and yellow chairs. verticable c80 fine texture bronze