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    Prestige Railing Cocoa Bronze Aluminum Railing Prestige Rail by DekPro on a beautiful deck in Olathe, KS using gray composite decking and gray aluminum railing

    Prestige Railing

    Prestige Rail by DekPro incorporates residential railing, set to 38" in height via 38 inch prestige rail kits, posts, and accessories; made from thick gauge, durable aluminum. All-aluminum Prestige deck railing features 3 in. x 3 in. Post Kits, installed to the surface of a deck or concrete. DekPro Prestige rail kits have a unique curved top rail for a modern yet thicker profile with balance and elegance. Additional Rail Bracket Kits or Cut Kits are available when using one rail it for multiple sections of railing. Also in the Prestige Collection are 4 in. x 4 in. Post Sleeves to cover existing wood posts, Adjustable Gate Kis, and alternate Post Cap options. A handy Quick Jig for mounting level railing brackets can be quite useful. Tri-Rail MidRail gives a third rail to Prestige Rail, and alternative infill options.

    Aluminum balusters are included with Railing Kits, are slipped onto the ¾ in. connectors, which have been previously attached to the rails, making a panel. Other infill options for Prestige Railing include Glass Balusters which are 4” wide tempered glass pickets, available in 32 in. or 38 in. heights, are installed with Glass Baluster Shoes, and are used with Blank Rails for Glass Railing. Cable Infill is available by ordered Blank Aluminum Top and Bottom Rails, Cable Brace, and Cable Railing Post Rail Kits, along with Rail Brackets, and 4 in. Post Sleeves. Currently the recommended usage for 300 (level) and 500-W (stair) DekPro Cable Railing Kits is for an inside of post to inside of post connection requiring 4 in. x4 in. wood posts to be sleeved with 4 in. Post Sleeves. Sleeves are Not in kit-form so they Do Not included Cap and Flair, and must be purchased separately. DekPro Cable Railing Kits are then lagged into sleeves, and the cable tensioned. Balusters are connected to rails via pre-attached connectors.

    Prestige DekPro Aluminum Railing level railing atop deck near treeline beautiful back yard deck

    DekPro’s Product Brochure walks through the available options for DekPro Prestige Aluminum Deck Railing. Before purchasing, please read the DekPro Installation Manual, which covers all available railing options from DekPro Prestige including Level Railing, Stair Railing, Prestige Quick Jig, Secondary Rail, Gates, Tri-Rail, Drink Railing, Cable Railing, and Glass Railing. Prestige by DekPro is a high quality railing system with an excellent warranty, available in 4 textured natural colors, Absolute Black, Cocoa Bronze, Dream White, and Maple Cream. Lighting options from DekPro Effex match and work well with Prestige Rail Posts, Railings, Stairs, and Decks.

    Black Aluminum Railing DekPro Prestige Rail in Absoulte Black on a brown composite deck

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