DekPro aluminum handrail railing system attaches to flat surfaces and provides exelent, stable, and attractive protection from falling. DekPro Cocoa bronze shown in the photo looks great with brick houses!

DekPro Railing Collection

    DekPro Prestige Rail 38" Aluminum Railing KitDekPro Aluminum Post Kit w/ Cap & FlairDekPro Prestige Blank RailsDekPro Prestige Rail Bracket KitsDekPro Effex Summit Post Cap

    The two major components of DekPro Rail are Posts and Rail Kits. Posts can be attached to any structural surface, with Rail Kits between to complete the system

    DekPro Post Kits Prestige Rail Kits

    DekPro branded railing products are of quality design and build. DekPro offers a great range of railing products, from Prestige Rail to Posts, Sleeves, Railing Accessories, Lighting, and more. All non-lighting railing components are either aluminum or stainless steel (mostly for cable application.) DekPro’s plug-and-play railing styles give unlimited railing options. For the most part, DekPro utilizes a top and bottom rail which attaches to posts to create a railing at least 36” from the surface.

    DekPro Deck Railing In Prestige Cocoa Bronze Back Yard Deck Handrail with 38" Residential Deck railing

    Prestige Rail

    Prestige Railing available in 38” and 42” railing heights, offers vertical pickets with every rail kit. However, newer versions of railing infill have come out and really shaken up the railing world. One of the newest additions are horizontal rods between posts. These rods or horizontal balusters are cut and positioned in between each post and are sandwiched between the top and bottom rails. Cable is another horizontal option for DekPro infill. The horizontal cable is less expensive and looks great. Other options in infill are third rail/tri-rail (used with prestige), and glass balusters. Posts with welded flanges are available,as are sleeves that fit over 3.5”x3.5” posts.

    DekPro Prestige Black Aluminum Decking Raling on Stairs with Gate at the top of the stairs prestige stair railing needs taller posts at the bottom of the stairs

    Effex Lighting

    DekPro has an extensive line of lighted options and a unique wiring system that works well with its railing. Lights can be fixed to the tops of posts, sides of posts, in and under rails, on steps, and just about anywhere you could think of. Along with several lighting options comes the ability to wire and control those lights. DekPro’s Effex Lighting is a great system of lights that work well together, light up spaces well, and are remotely controlled.