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DekPro Aluminum Base Mounted Post Kit

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DekPro 3” and 4” Post Kits w/welded flange, cap and flair, are the first step in establishing DekPro aluminum railing. 3 inch x 3 inch posts and 4 inch x 4 inch posts attach to the surface of any Composite Deck, PVC Deck surface, or Concrete. Posts are required every 8' or less using the DekPro system. Existing posts can be used in conjunction with 4” or 3” DekPro Post Kits.

DekPro 3-inch post kits and 4-inch post kits come with a post cap and two-piece skirt/flair which give it a distinguished finished look. Other decorative and lighted caps are available in the Effex System.

4”x4” and 3"x3" DekPro Post Kits boast extruded square tubing, welded to a 3/8" base plate with four holes for fasteners, fasteners sold separately.

4”x4” Posts and 3"x3" Posts come in Absolute Black, Cocoa Bronze. and Dream White. 

DekPro Post Kits are available in various heights. The height of the posts are measured from the bottom of the flange to the top of the post. For residential 38” railing, 40” and 44” Post Kits are typically all that’s needed.

Usually 40” posts pair well with level railing, where

44” tall posts are used when attaching stair railing. Posts positioned at the top of stairs can be 40”, so long as the post can be within a couple inches of the nose of the tread.

Some contractors prefer to use a taller post at the top of the stairs as well as the bottom. 44” posts are always recommended in the middle and bottom of stair railing.

3-inch posts and 4-inch posts are well made durable, and when paired with the Jig Installation Tool, make for a quick installation of Prestige Rail Kits. DekPro Post Installation requires attachment of post flange to a flat surface, and is to be anchored with at least a 3.5” screw. Wood 4” screws, and concrete 3.5” screws are available. Please feel free to download the Brochure.

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