Al13 Home Cost Effective Beautiful Aluminum railing system with brackets attached to post. Al13 Home by Fortress a low cost aluminum railing option

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    Al13 Home is the most affordable, best priced aluminum railing system available. Low Cost Al13 Home Aluminum Panel Railing is light, incredibly easy to install, and geared for drink rail. Stocking 2 in. x 2 in. x 36 in. posts have pre-attached railing brackets for level rail which sets the top of the 36 in. Home Railing Kits at the same height as the post. Now you can place a deck board on top of the railing, and connect it to the rail with Home Drink Rail Brackets. This instantly decreases installation time and “railing frustration.” If you don’t want a deck board for drink rail, but still want over-the-post railing, Al13 Home has accent top rail which caps or goes over the 2 in. post as well as railing panels. Home Al13 is only available in Black Sand however Matte White, a textured white profile color will be available in the near future. Al13 Home has 3 in x 3 in Home Posts as well. However, because of stocking profiles; it is not readily available at 36 in. height. 3 in x 3 in Home Posts can be cut down to accommodate drink rail. 2 in and 3 in post kits include skirt, but Post Caps must be purchased separately. Use Touch Up Paint with Al13 Home to cover scratches. Read more about all railing options by downloading the Al13 Home Sheet. See our Fortress Page for more information about all products, Fe26 Iron Railing, or learn about Al13 Aluminum Railing. Fortress Home Railing Al13 Home is the best tool for large projects, and is great for customers who want to watch railing cost, but also have a quality long lasting railing. This is value railing at its finest! All-aluminum and easy to install, get a quote today! Learn more about Railing Here.