Top View multiple board selection American Walnut Azek TimberTech PVC
Top view of PVC Caste gate showing higle levels of color variation
Landmark PVC Decking Collection | Azek
BoardWalk top view showing several deck baords, grain and variation patterns.
Landmark PVC Decking Collection | Azek
Castle Gate remacable reclaimed profile gives ultra realistic decks
Boardwalk shown in a larger area not as light as pictured elsewhere
Amercian Walnut deck with furature in covered enclosed pergola with seating
Landmark PVC Decking Collection | Azek
Azek American Walnut Landmark PVC Decking Side Profile
Azek Castle Gate Landmark PVC Decking Side Profile
BoardWalk Azek Landmark PVC Decking Side Profile
French White Oak Side view of deck board Azek Landmark PVC Decking Collection

Landmark PVC Decking Collection | Azek

Landmark decking resembles hardwood with natural-looking cross sections as if ran through the planner. The variation of color in Landmark Decking Collection along with the grain detail pattern gives a realistic wood feel that is hard to distinguish from real wood. Landmark PVC had a 50-Year fade and stain warranty, is fire retardant, and stays cooler than composite, especially the lighter colors. Landmark PVC Decking by Azek can be purchased in: American Walnut, Castle Gate, French White Oak, and Boardwalk. Grooved decking lengths: 12ft., 16ft., and 20ft. Solid (non-grooved) decking is available in 16ft. and 20ft. Lengths.

Decking Height and Width: (5.5″ x 1")

Decking Lengths: (12' 16' and 20' Grooved) (16' and 20' Solid)

Fascia Size: (0.50″ x 11.75″ x 12')


50-Year Fade & Stain Warranty | Fire Rated | Cooler than Composite | Made with Recycled Materials

Decking is available for purchase and can be delivered to customers in the Kansas City area and surrounding areas. Decking can also be schedule for pick up.