Fortress Railing Products

Fortress Aluminum AL13 Front Porch Railing Handrail All Aluminum panel with a flat top rail in powder coated black sand a textured black

Fortress Railing Products has long offered quality iron balusters and iron railing. Fortress Fe26 has been a popular collection for its heavy gauge iron and ease of install. Fortress Railing has had some changes over the years, but the PIP or Plain Iron Panel has been remained virtually unchanged in design. In more recent years Fortress saw a need for and Aluminum type product, and introduced Al13, a similarly thick gauge of aluminum in a paneled rail. The biggest difference, other than metal composition was the width of the top and bottom rail. Al13 has done well, and performed exceptionally. However, Fortress Rail Products felt a need to have a price-point aluminum railing to compete with some of the newer styles of handrail - and created Al13 Home. With a similar profile and paneled approach, Fortress also introduced end, line, and corner posts in an effort to further maximize appeal. Posts with pre-attached brackets make for a quicker installation process with less error. Today, Al13 Home and Fe26 collections both have posts with brackets attached in addition to non-attached level and stair posts. The three of these collections have quick availability, many times delivered within a week of ordering. Please click on the links above to learn more about each one of these systems.

Fortress Railing with Top Drink Rail Cap, Al13 Home system by Fortress shown in this picture is a beautiful price competative railing option

Handrail and Lighting

ADA handrail or graspable handrail is nice to have, especially when there is no railing to hold onto. Gripable or graspable handrail by Fortress comes in iron and aluminum 8 foot square or round extruded metal, and is attached with brackets to a wall or existing railing. Graspable handrail is not the same as railing and is only intended to hold onto when walking. Fortress also has a range of led lighting like Post Caps, rail lights and more! Accents Lighting by Fortress was the one of the first to offer bright led lighting when competitors were still selling incandescent. Accents lighting and accessories are quality and match with any black aluminum railing or fortress railings, and looks great with wood.

Fortress Accents lighting options of low votalge wired led post cap lighting and tread lighting or riser lights


Fortress is a recognized and innovative brand. Distribution does limit some of the products eta, but all Fortress Railing Products are available with varying lead times.