Coconut husk decking top view grain detail
Top view Dark Cooca TimberTech PrimePlus swatch
SeaSaltGray grain view and top decking profile swatch prime plus
Maritime Gray Top Deck Board Profile Prime
Dark Teak Top Profile Boards Prime
Coconut Husk Deck View Prime TimberTech
Coconut Husk Decking with Sea Salt Gray boarder timbertech composite prime plus decking
Dark Cocoa Prime Plus Full Deck View with railing
Deck View Dark Teak prime solid color timbertech edge
Maritime grain and top color decking view prime
Maritime Gray natural looking decking profile at a great price
Sea Salt Gray full deck view varigated color patern fit for cape cod
Dark Cocoa Prime+ Side Profile View with scalloped bottom by timbertech
Coconut Husk Side Profile Prime Plus
Sea Salt Gray Prime Plus Prime+ by TimberTech Side Scalloped View
Darl Teak Side Profile in Premier
Edge Dark Teak Prime side scalloped decking
Maritime Gray Side Full Profile Premier
Maritime Gray Composite in Prime is a solid color with scalloped bottoms

Prime, Prime+, and Premier Composite Decking | TimberTech

Prime Composite Decking Collection by TimberTech is a monochromatic soft grain with a similar feel to the grain of cedar wood. Prime Decking is scalloped on the bottom to reduce overall cost. Prime+ is the same product style but has color variation resulting in a more natural-looking product. Prime is available in Dark Teak and Maritime Gray. Prime+ can be purchased in Dark Cocoa, Sea Salt Gray, and Coconut Husk. Premier has the same grain pattern but is non-scalloped, and available in Dark Teak and Maritime Gray.

Decking Height and Width: (5.36″ x 0.94″)

Decking Lengths: (12' 16' and 20' Grooved) (16' and 20' Solid)

Fascia Size: (0.58″ x 11.95″ x 12')

Riser Size: (0.58″ x 7.25″ x 12')

Decking is available for purchase and can be delivered to customers in the Kansas City area and surrounding areas. Decking can also be schedule for pick up.