Fiberon Deck Capped Decking made from recycled plastics and wood fibers to make an encapuslated and scalloped decking board


Fiberon is a high quality producer of Decking, Cladding, and Deck Fasteners.

Fiberon has available Capped Composite Decking and PVC Decking Used for both Cladding and Decking Applications. Fiberon is one of the only manufactures to process their own recycled plastic, and reportedly is able to produce products with about 94% recycled materails! Fiberon is trusted producer of capped composite, and had one of the first capped decking products in the market. Ipe was, and is, a popular decking profile by Fiberon, and was the original fully variegated capped deckings!

Fiberon PVC Decking Paramount PVC is a beautiful dramatic collection of decking products

Fiberon Decking

Decking by Fiberon is available in five collections. Four composite, and one pvc. The original Fiberon Decking is the Horizon Collection, a dual faced capped composite with traditional wood markings in a highly variegated coloration pattern, and is now known as Concordia – Horizon Collection. The other double faced decking (both top and bottom display the same markings and coloration) is Symmetry Collection now called Concordia – Symmetry Collection, and is similar to Horizon however the grain pattern is a tighter one, and does more to imitate tight grain hardwood. PVC Decking collection Paramount provides Low-Maintainance fully encapsulated, fire rated, decking in rich tones with a large amount of color variation. Paramount is one of the top choices when it comes to PVC Decks. Good Life Collection is the most price conscious decking line by Fiberon. Good Life Decking features two colors in a mono-chromatic gray and tan as well as three additional colors which have more color variation. Good Life Collection is a scalloped board without a bottom side encapsulation which reduces costs and boosts value. The newest collection of fiberon decking is called Sanctuary. This collection essentially took the place of the “Protect Collection” which is no longer available. Sanctuary is a three sided capped board with a flat or solid bottom, and a richer decking pattern than good life. Sanctuary is priced between the Good Life Collection and the Concordia Collections.

Fiberons original decking - horizon collection made with double sided capped composite decking Tudor Brown and IPE by Fiberon building

Fiberon Fastening

Decking fastening the world over has seen the same trends. Though even today, face screwing decking is one of the most popular options for its simplicity and ease. In addition, face screws tend to not be as visible as one might think, and are often used with the lower priced decking collections like Good Life. Still there is no comparison for fully hidden fastening, and for that Fiberon created their Phantom Universal Clip, a screw and clip that is inserted into the groove of a deck board and screwing down perpendicular to the decking plane. Phantom Universal is the most common hidden fastener used by Fiberon, however a Phantom GT clip is also available with optional butt-joint fasteners and end-clip fasteners. Cortext or Starborn Screw-and-Plug hidden fasteners are also avaialbe and allow the deck to be face screwed and plugged. We do recommend only using screws-and-plugs for PVC decking collections, as Composite Decking tends to be much more difficult to plug.

Fiberon Cladding horizontally ran decking on a vertical application, Cladding is great for the sides for houses and buildings and is nearly impervious as siding

Fiberon Cladding

Cladding or Rainscreen is the usage of decking as siding, and creates one of the most rustic looks when using wood. Running the capped decking horizontal up a wall makes for a nearly impervious exterior for any structure. Capped Composite has a longer life than traditional sidding, so truly, Fiberon Cladding is an investment for your house or place of business. High quality composite such as rain-screen-approved Concordia collections incorporating both the Symmetry and Horizon collections, the effect is a more modern and high-end finished look. Many business are now deciding to used Cladding or Rainscreen for the exterior of their buildings, instead of manufactured stone products, for their durability and longevity. Fiberon has recently announced both collections under the Concordia line are approved for 50 Year Limited Fade and Stain Warranties.

Fiberon Gray Decking in Good Life Beachouse a quality decking at a resonable price that will not stain and will not fade

Fiberon is one of the most trusted brands, and has a rich history  of beautifly crafted products. Fiberon stands by their incredibly warranties and has great programs for repeat customers such as rebates. To learn more about Fiberon, and their programs, please give us a call! You can also learn more about decking brands on our Decking Page.