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 Fortress Black Sand Glow Ring 3" Fortress Accents DekPro Prestige. Can Accents lighting be used on DekPro Absolute Black?

  • Post Cap option for any size

  • 4 Sided Cap Light Kit fits all Post Caps

  • Glow ring for every size Post Cap

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  • The accents line has a Vertical Post Light option

  • A Universal 4/pk Lighting option

  • And a Recessed Surface Light.

Fortress Accents Lighting, Accents down light, accents surface mount light, accent universal light kit.

  • Calculate the number of lights to find the size of your transformer here: Voltage Calculator

  • For circuits that use less than 36 watts, chose the Transformer (36 Watt) kit, which includes a dimmer and timer.

  • If more than 36 watts is required, choose a Secondary (30 Watt) Transformer, rated up to 30 watts.

  • Fortress Accents 18-2 Bulk wire comes in 100-foot rolls and is easy to work with.

  • For Surface Light installation in your riser, deck surface, or post; use the Forstner Bit

Fortress Accents Tools, Accents Transformer kit, Accents Bulk Wire, Accents Forstner Bit installation

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Fortress: Accents (Post Caps, Lighted Caps and Lighting)

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