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These items are not pivotal to the construction of your deck, but can add substantial value to your new space!

Lighting options can be installed in the deck, attaching to the frame, or can be installed in the railing as a post light, under rail light, or post cap light. Lighting for decks requires low voltage and typically a transformer.

Fasteners used for decking fall into a few main categories. Hidden fasteners typically work with grooved decking boards, and face screws are used to "pin down" perimeter boards, however a whole deck can be fastened with just face screws.

Joist Tape is a great idea to use on top of the treated joists and ledger to improve the longevity of the deck

Touch Up Paint for railing is specific to each line. Make sure the brand and color match before purchasing.

Rail Tools or Jigs are used to install rail brackets to posts. Make sure the jig matches the brand and rail style.

Drink rail brackets can be installed to the top rail of railing to create a flat resting top for a flat drink rail board. Often times a matching composite board will complete the space nicely.

Gate Kits can be a great way to close off the stairs for kids or dogs. Make sure all items needed to install the gate are accounted for. Read the installation guide for the gate to make sure you have everything!

Blank rails are used for top rail in independent cable railing systems, but can also be used for a single top rail where someone needs help up stairs, but railing underneath the top rail is not needed.

Bracket kits are used when a rail section is used for more than one opening. Rail kits include a bracket kit, so if you are turning one rail kit into two rail kits, another bracket kit will be needed.

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Protecto Super Seal Deck Joist Tape 50ft.
Protecto Super Seal Deck Joist Tape 50ft.

Protecto Super Seal Deck Joist Tape 50ft.

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