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Feeney Level Horizontal Cable Railing, All metal aluminum and stainless steel cable deck railing

Cable Railing

Cable Railing incorporates a range in style of handrail, and railing material. Cable Railing uses stainless steel fittings and wire to complete the railing infill. Posts, Rails, and Intermediate Pickets are made from reinforced aluminum or wood which can stand up to the cables tension. Cable Railing must be properly tensioned to in order to pass code requirements, typically a limitation specifying that a 4 in. spear cannot pass through the cable or railing. This results in a need for quality fittings and termination options. Cable Railing is available in Horizontal Cable Rail, and Vertical Cable Rail. Some cable rail is sold in panel kits such as 36" VertiCable Kits, while others are sold in packs and work with cable kits such as DesignRail Kits - Rail Kits.

Feeney DesignRail Horizontal Cable Railing System deck cable railing best top quality

Horizontal Cable Railing

Horizontal Cable can be used with aluminum, iron, or wood, posts and rails. Aluminum type Cable Railing seems to be most popular, and is a great choice for low-maintenance cable railings. In Horizontal Aluminum Cable Railing, cable wires are installed to posts with specialized connectors to ensure tension. Termination posts, at the end of runs, are where the cables attach to. Intermediate posts in the middle of the rail allow cable to pass through, giving horizontal cable the ability to stretch as far as 50' in one cable run, or set of 9-13 cable wires. Fittings are the most costly part of Horizontal Cable Rail. If possible, make turns at posts, as opposed to terminating. It can save a bunch of money.

Feeney is a favorite brand when it comes to cable railing. DesignRail Kits is an excellent value option and can even be installed via Do It Yourself! While DesignRail is a more comprehensive system with an astonishing amount of options. Some other aluminum horizontal cable brands are AS&D, a complete railing system with Ultra Cable, and Atlantis fittings. Learn more about Feeney Fittings on the Build Your Own custom quick connect fittings page, or learn about pre-swaged CableRail Kits for easy cable wiring through metal or wood posts.

DesignRail Kits Horizontal Cable Railing Aluminum and Stainless Steel Cable on a back deck in Kansas City

Vertical Cable Railing

Vertical Cable like VertiCable C80 by is an excellent option. Vertical Cable Rail is similar in profile to aluminum railing, but still allows for non-obstructed viewing. Vertical Cable Railings are harder to climb than horizontal cable, and may be better suited for homes with small children. Vertical cables, pre connected to aluminum rails to forming a panels, are field-cut and installed between aluminum posts. Some of the available systems using a vertical cable railing are VertiCable C80 by Westbury, a top choice aluminum system. V-Series by Fortress, vertical cable railing with iron rails and posts. Iron balusters allow for more cables between. DesignRail also has an option for vertical cable.

VertiCable C80 Series Cable Railing, Vertical Cable Rail by Westbury

    C80 Vertical Cable Rail

      C80 or VertiCable by Westbury Products utilizes per-fabricated, panelized rail sections with vertical cable pre-strung and ready for installation. C80 is less in price than horizontal cable, and Vertical Cable means there's no need to install the wire through posts, which can be difficult and time consuming. C80, Vertical Cable Rail is perfect for those who want to maximize viewing while keeping cost low. Black and Bronze textured railing is available and ships in under a week.
      C80 VertiCable Vertical Cable Rail Deck Cable Railing for a stunning back yard

      Horizontal Cable Rail w/ Metal Posts

      Systems such as DesignRail the most customizable cable railing other there, and DesignRail Kits, its kit-form version, use thick-gauged aluminum posts, and rails along with pre-fabricated cable wire or CableRail Kits which connect to the back side of the post for easy installation. Systems such as ones by AS&D and Feeney offer Pre-drilled posts, set for residential or commercial Cable Railing heights 36" and 42". Level posts have pre-drilled holes for the cable and handrail to connect or fit into. The stair posts do not have pre-drilled holes however. Visit the DesignRail Kits Page for more information on post placement, type and how to easily estimate your materials!
      DesignRail Kits by Feeney built by Acumen Renovations in black  horizonatal cable handrail system deck wire from feeney inc
      Feeney Horizontal Cable Rail with Wood Posts:
      Similar to the Metal post style, CableRail Kits for Wood have a longer threaded terminal and are designed to terminate to the back side and through a 6x6 cedar post. These CableRail Kits include metal washers whereas the kits for metal include plastic washers. You can also Build Your Own horizontal cable rail system, using Feeney fittings designed for a variety of applications. Standard Lag and Lag Tensioning fittings screw into the face of a wood post for level cable runs. fittings by Feeney are used with wire sold in 100' 250' and 500' spools.


      Feeney Cable Railing with Wood posts
      Cable Railing has only increased in popularity and functionality. People are realizing more and more that a dream deck with a dream view is a possibility. Let us improve your deck buying experience. See more about us, learn more about other types of railing, capped composite and pvc decking, and getting started.
      Westbury C80 VertiCable Vertical Cable Railing panel