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    Outdoor venue back yard deck to entertain, Vertical Cable or any cable gives an open and inviting living space great for get togethers and parties

    Westbury Aluminum Railing

    Consists of all Aluminum Posts and Rails with various infill options such as vertical aluminum baluster infill, Tuscany C10, Vertical cable infill, VertiCable C80, Glass infill, Veranda C70 - (glass sold seperate), and other third rail vertical baluster options known as the Riviera C30.

    It is important to note that the Westbury Rail Kits we sell do INCLUDE BRACKETS. Other vendors may sell rail kits without brackets, so it is important to understand what comes with rail kits in order to get the best deal.

    C10 Tuscany Railing Black Fine Texture level railing on top of a composite deck which transitions to stair railing with posts, all alluminum handrail

    Westbury rail is an excellent option for code compliant rail and is incredibly well suited for deck or front porch railing.

    Westbury Railing utilizes thick-walled posts and rails for an incredibly durable and sturdy railing systems. The advanced mechanisms employed by Digger Specialties truly sets their railing apart from other systems. From the color finish, to post mounting, to attaching brackets, and setting the railing, the name Westbury is synonymous with quality.

    C80 VertiCable Cable Railing Lifted Deck All Easy Maintance Decking and Aluminum Products with expert deck help

    Westbury has many available railing options, but only certain railing profiles, posts styles, lengths, and colors are stocking. non-stock items are considered special order.

    C80 VertiCable

    Post Kits

    Westbury Railing like other aluminum railing is mostly made from two components. The first component creates the structural aspect - Posts.

    Westbury posts are available in a Surface Mounted profile and have a welded base flange. Each post has four holes in the flange for connection points for lags or screws to be connected through the top side of the post flange. Each connection point must be securely fastened with a minimum 3.5" Concrete or Wood Screw. For installation instructions see post product pages. These posts are available in 2"x2" as well as 4"x4" and for Crossover. The 2-inch posts and 4-inch posts are sold as a kit. This kit includes a Cap, a two-piece Flair or Base Skirt, and Plates for leveling mechanisms on the post base flange. The Crossover Kit comes with the same items but with an over-the-post bracket instead of a cap.

    Rail Kits

    The second major component is the rail kit. Westbury rail kits are produced in several series, like C10 and C80. However, they all share the same top and bottom rail profile. What changes are the infill and third rail options. Westbury Rail Kits are sold in various lengths and are true to length. That means an 8’ rail is at least 96”. All rail kits are designed to be cut in the field. Once the posts are spaced evenly and installed, the rails must be cut to length and installed using brackets (4/pk of brackets are included with each rail kit.)

    C10 Tuscany is the most popular and cost-effective Westbury collection. It has a single top and bottom rail with ¾” aluminum balusters. C80 VertiCable is another popular choice and has vertically strung stainless steel cables. C30 Rivera is the third stocking profile, and is similar to C10 but with a third rail. C70 is another available rail but does not come with infill. C70 Veranda rails designed for ¼” Tempered Glass, glass sold separately. Other collections by Westbury such as C31, C32, C33, C34, C30R, and C20 are available by special order. (Currently, Tuscany and VertiCable are the only two Railing Collections available for purchase online.)

    Aluminum Handrail on a front porch concrete steps  in broze that matches the house. Aluminum railing and other deck handrail or deck railing information can be found on the railing page


    Depending on the project, additional accessories may be needed. If you are installing a large amount of level railing, a bracket mounting template might come in handy. If you are using a rail kit in multiple areas, additional brackets will be required. Touch-up paint is a great tool to have in case of a scratch or just to coat cuts. Additional footblocks are available as well. If you want a deck board to top the rail, a Drink Rail Bracket Adaptor will help by securing to the top of the rail and allowing a board to be secured to the top of it.

    vertical wire railing stainless steel wire cables strung in handrail railing c80 verticable by westbury