Stair Crossover Kit with Post for stair rail over the post on C80 verticable railing
Stair Rail Adapter for Over the post railing atop stair post 47"
36" Level Crossover Post in Black Fine Texture rail top meets in flush with post top for over-the-post level handrail
Corner Crossover Post for 90 Degree Corners with Drink Rail and Adapter not included, Corner Crossover Post Kit only

2 in. x 2 in. Crossover Post Kit W/Flair | Westbury Posts


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Crossover Post Kits in Level, 90 Degree Corner, or Stair - 2 in. x 2in. Aluminum Crossover Post Kits are for "over-the-post" rail look at 36 in. by Westbury. Westbury's top rail planes into crossover posts giving a seamless consistent look to the handrail. Crossover Posts do not come with a post cap, but instead a rail adapter for the required function(Level, Stair, or Corner.) Kits do include a post flair/skirt to cover the bottom mounting plate. When using the Westbury Drink Rail Adapter in conjunction with a top board, rail connection points will not need the top covers which are intended to hide rail cuts and are included with C10, C80, or C30 Rail Kits.

2"x2" Stair Crossover Kit includes 2"x2"x47" post with cap and flair. The cap included with the Stair Crossover will not be used and can be kept for future use, or discarded.

| 2"x2" Corner Crossover 73386 | 2"x2" Level Crossover 73384 | 2"x2" Stair Crossover Kit 73377 with 2"x2"-47" Post Kit 73345 included |

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Tuscany C10 - Verticable C80