Westbury 4x4 37" level post in corner of railing solid .125" wall thickness for most durable long lasting handrail posts
4" post .125" wall thickness built for strong railing in black fine texture by westbury
Bronze Fine Texture 4"x4" post with cap and flair by westbury digger
Gloss white 4x4 37" and 47" post with welded base cap and flair thick .125" side walls
Two black 47" 4x4 post with lighted caps at the base of a stair case with c80 verticable stair rail and a green plant to the left
westbury 4" post atop a stair case 37" level rail post kit with lighted magna post cap
Westbury 47" 4x4 post for bottom of stairs infront of green bush aluminum railing in black fine texture

4 in. x 4 in. Post Kit w/ Cap & Flair .125 in. Wall | Westbury Posts


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4 in. x 4 in. Post Kit for residential application, 36 in. handrail with a .125 in. thick aluminum wall. 4 in. Post Kit with welded base include Cap and Skirt, Shims, in an easy-to-install leveling system. 37 in. level and 47 in. stair 4 in. Post Kit face mounts to the surface. Use 4 in. post kit for all Westbury Aluminum Railing Systems residential rail from C10 Tuscany, to C80 VertiCable, and C30 Riviera

Each 4 in. post kit requires 4 screws for installation. Use wood screws 4" or over for wood surface. Use concrete screws over 3" for concrete surface installation. Taller 47" posts are used for the bottom of any stair railing to accommodate for the riser variation. 47" posts can be cut to an appropriate height or left as is.

4 in. x4 in. x 37 in. Post Kit 73415 | 4 in. x4 in. x 47 in. Post Kit 73416

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