Tigerwood decking profile has the most color variance and changes from a light tan to a medium brown, tigerwood legacy decking looks the part and more like real wood that some real wood.
espresso top profile of deck board shows hand scrapped surface texture
Pecan is a natual wood color of composite decking and has natural color representation and looks great
Mocha swatch top decking profile view gives representation of decking color feel
Ashwood top deck profile view grain scrapped grooved top pattern looks great and blends in
Whitewash cedar is perfect for hot days and stays cooler in direct sun, this is a great profile color for pool decks and decks with direct sunlight.
Tigerwood deck with mocha tripple border and colums holding up sofet, decking is legacy capped wpc
Mocha decking surface deck legacy by timbertech looks and finishes great
Espresso beautiful deck with open view of back yard looks like natural wood and keeps warm
Legacy Composite Decking | TimberTech
Ashood legacy deck with espresso inlay and fire pit with beautiful deck city overlook
Mocha dark brown side view profile in legacy collection by timbertech
Ashwood Legacy decking by timbertech side profile view showing cross section of decking inner composite
Pecan composite in legacy profile side view by timbertech wpc decking
Tigerwood front profile side view of the composite decking in Legacy
White wash cedar side view of deck board shows what interior of composite decking looks like
Expresso decking in Legacy by timbertech side profile view

Legacy Composite Decking | TimberTech

Legacy, capped composite decking has rich color blends and a large gradient of hue variation. The surface has a “hand scrapped” texture with grooved running the length of the decking. The interjection of grain pattern colors comes through like paint on a canvas and is one of the most realistic decking lines available. Legacy has a 30-year warranty and is available in six distinct profiles: Tigerwood, Pecan, Mocha, Espresso, Whitewash Cedar, and Ashwood.

Decking Height and Width: (5.36″ x 0.94")

Decking Lengths: (12' 16' and 20' Grooved) (16' and 20' Solid)

Fascia Size: (0.58″ x 11.95″ x 12')

Riser Size: (0.58″ x 7.25″ x 12')


30-Year Fade & Stain Warranty | Fully Encapsulated | Made with Recycled Materials

Decking is available for purchase and can be delivered to customers in the Kansas City area and surrounding areas. Decking can also be schedule for pick up.