About | Al13 Home Aluminum Deck Railing

Al13 Home is of the most affordable aluminum railing collections on the market. Really, it’s more comparable in price to Fe26, it’s iron cousin, than to DekPro or Westbury. The thing that’s caught our eye, its unique and cost effective drink rail configuration; Al-13 Home utilizes a 2”x2”x36” post allowing for an easy-to-install, over-the-post drink rail. Other collections require an adapter, or require you to cut the post in order to have a drink rail. With Al13 Home, all that’s required are extra cap rail clips to easily connect a deck board to the top of the handrail. Al13 Home also has a 3”x3”x39.5” tall post if a taller, larger look is desired. Al13 home is currently available in Black Sand with a 1-2 week lead time depending on geographic location.

20190925_105452What else is so great about Al13 Home? How about pre-attached brackets on level posts? Yep, just pick end, line or corner posts and don't worry about attaching level brackets! Also, Matte White is coming soon, and is sure to have a great look with it.

Not sure how to order? Give our friendly staff a call for purchasing, informational, and installation help! Send a drawing to sales@deckandrailsupply.com for a quick quote! Call at 1-913-884-3335